Throw out all charges received by Jeremy D. Button Sr. on August 28, 2014.

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Thank you for all the support.  Jeremy did "win" his case in court by accepting a plea bargain with the DA.  The case wrapped up with 2-$25 fines and nothing further.  Again, thank you for the support for the cannabis cause and ending prohibition.




We are starting this petition to have all charges dropped against Jeremy D. Button Sr. that he received on August 28, 2014.  At the very least, have the jury nullify all charges.

Our story is this....

On Thursday, August 28 apx 5pm after enjoying the day at the park with his family, Jeremy was stopped at the top of his street by numerous undercover officers with the Broome County Task Force claiming to have a search warrant for the house.  They removed him and his family from the vehicle with loaded guns pointed at him, his wife and children. The search was illegal violating his civil rights as the warrant was altered by a detective and never signed/initialed by the issuing judge.  All parties must at minimum, initial all changes on any legal document.

Upon searching the home the officers found a clean orderly home and 40 marijuana plants that Jeremy was growing to help him medicinally cope with his documented seizures as he has suffered from Epilepsy for almost half his life.  He had them growing in a padlocked room in the basement not even accessible to the children at all.  The room would only be unlocked when the children were not home.  Never were the children in danger.  None of the plants were at a usable stage of growth, not mature.  He has seen his neurologist and specialized neurology teams in Upstate Medical at Syracuse, NY about getting his medical use card since the law was passed legalizing marijuana to be used medicinally on July 5, 2014 with the NYS Compassionate Care Act.  

In the medicine cabinet over the kitchen sink they found a bottle of ambiens, a sleep medication that were prescribed to his mother-in-law; left there from when she lived in the home a few months prior with his wife as her caretaker.  Never were they accessible to the children and with all other medications.

In a safe place they found a double edged knife (see photo for similar item) that his oldest son was given from an uncle when the great grandfather died as a family heirloom; kept away until an appropriate time and age.  Never accessible to the children.  Never used in a malicious manner or for a criminal purpose.  Also, this felony charge should be incorrect also as they based the charge on an offense he had when he was a Youthful Offender.  He's had no other charges in over 20 years. A knife like that can be purchased any day by someone over 18 in stores, magazines and trade shows.

With all of this said, Jeremy is a decent and respectable man that his family, friends, church, and community stand behind.  His children do well in school, sports, activities and church. His wife works for the town they reside in and the church.  He has volunteered his time coaching sports through the Town of Binghamton Youth Program.  The children were more at harm with loaded guns pointed at them from the Task Force than Jeremy ever would put them in.  Jeremy Button and his family are not a danger to society and all charges need to be dropped.

Here is some information on marijuana, the cannabis plant.
     *Many of our countries early Presidents such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew cannabis on their plantations. 
     *Benjamin Franklin had the first paper-mill making books with cannabis allowing America to have a free colonial press without needing to justify the expense buying them from England.  All this from cannabis. 
     *Marijuana even had legal medicinal use through the 1930's. 
     *In early settler times of 1600's Jamestown Colony, Virgina required farmers to grow hemp as one of the largest agriculture products to create clothing, food and medicine. 
     *The United States Census of 1850 listed 8,327 hemp farms (2,000 acre minimum).  
     *In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act was passed to outlaw cannabis at the federal level because they believed it to have a narcotic addiction, but there was very little research to back this up and few Congressional hearings.  Since that time, it has been a state to state choice regarding the legality of cannabis.

By signing this petition you will help a family regain order to their lives.  Thank you.


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