Justice for Natalie Jones

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We the aggrieved community, with our electronic signature attached, come before the Honorable Judge Nina Makette Baker, as an elected official, to request the assembly of a Georgia Grand Jury, via petition, to look into the following potential crimes ...

(1) The role Jonathan Lawrence, of Hogansville, GA played in the disappearance/presumed abduction of one Natalie Jones, of Corinth, GA.

(2) The nefarious roles others, associated with Jonathan Lawrence, have played in the presumed abduction/concealment of the aforementioned Natalie Jones.

(3) The puzzling role Jonathan Lawrence's attorney's family connections to the Georgia Governor, has played in the investigation of Jonathan Lawrence for Drug Trafficking, threatening a witness, arrest for plotting to kill a Law Enforcement and the pursuit of the abductor to Natalie Jones.

We assert the following ...

(1) On the date of Natalie Jones disappearance, it was well known to Law Enforcement, that her ex-boyfriend, who she had met with the day prior, who was a prime witness in his drug trafficking case, who lived but a scant mile from his home, who he contacted the day of her disappearance ... should have been considered a prime person of interest.

(2) Within 10 days of Natalie Jones disappearance, the same Jonathan Lawrence, had his bond revoked for threatening a witness (also an ex-boyfriend to Natalie) over the same weekend Natalie vanished.

(3) Monitoring company records show Jonathan Lawrence had not adhered to the Judge's instructions regarding strict limitations on his travels, while on Court monitored Bond ... including odd travels to storage units and a trip 60+ miles from his home ... on the day of Natalie's disappearance.

(4) Even, in jail, Jonathan Lawrence was then arrested for plotting and soliciting the murder of a Law Enforcement Officer ... a potential witness, like Natalie, known to Natalie, in Jonathan' Lawrence's Drug Trafficking case ... showing his inclination to use court ordered confinement as an alibi and his ease of moving to solicitation, to cover-up intentions and complicate investigation.

(5) Law Enforcement, while aware of the above, delayed, after Natalie’s disappearance to investigate Jonathan Lawrence's role, till long after tower phone records were unavailable , video was unavailable and witnesses to Jonathan's activities on July 4th had dispersed.

In addition, phone records that were retrieved, were shared with the public in a non-uniform manner, impacting search efforts. Storage buildings have not been searched and key video has not been requested.

(6) It is public record, that Jonathan Lawrence's attorney's wife, is sister to the wife of the Governor.

We request of the Honorable Judge, the impaneling of an independent Grand Jury according to...

[2019 Georgia Code, Title 15 - Courts, Chapter 12 - Juries, Article 4 - Grand Juries, Part 2 - Special Purpose Grand Juries, § 15-12-100. Procedure for impaneling special grand jury]

.... With all powers to...

[compel evidence and subpoena witnesses; may inspect records, documents, correspondence, and books of any department, agency, board, bureau, commission, institution, or authority of the state or any of its political subdivisions; and may require the production of records, documents, correspondence, and books of any person, firm, or corporation which relate directly or indirectly to the subject of the investigation being conducted by the investigative grand jury.]

We respectfully reserve the right to correct minor inaccuracies in this request, to comply with guidelines to petition elected officials, without the need to re-solicit signatures.

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