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Honorable Judge: Maximum Sentence for Garrett if found guilty for his crimes against animals

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According to, Loney Garrett was found with more than 200 canine carcasses buried in his backyard. As if that wasn't enough, more than 40 dogs were found prisoners in poor conditions.

Animal Rescue and Relief Inc and Doc Williams SPCA spoke to WSTV about what they witnessed as they came to rescue the dogs. Bryan Cordell, member of ARR, explained outside of the courtroom : "It was a sea of bones back there...We've done a number of these cases over the years and this is maybe the worse that we've ever seen."

Michelle Reid was the person assigned to find the remains of the canines thoughout the backyard. He witnessed how some of the 45 hound dogs were deprived from a ventilated area or even sunlight."There was a beagle cage with four beagles and there was a beagle laying there rotting three feet from that cage. That's unacceptable..."I don't think that he should be able to have animals ever again."

Friends and family state that he is a good man. He is a 64 year old veteran with diabetes and cancer. His supporters say " he just got overwhelmed." Another person that calls himself Hitman claims Garret loves animals because he likes to hunt. He would take all abandoned dogs from the hunts and "rescued" those that were to be abandoned by other hunters."At the end of the year, people who got dogs and didn't want to keep them would get rid of them. A lot of people do that and he would take some of the dogs cause a lot of people know him," says Hitman. "You have to think to - if he takes these dogs on and nobody comes immediately to buy them he's stuck with them."

Just by that statement, it could be made as an allegation that Garrett used the dogs to make profit. It is understood that the man is a veteran that served this Country and that his illnesses are not easy to bear emotionally and financial wise. But as a man that understands the mining of Honor and respect, him and his friends should expect for him to pay for his crimes if found guilty

Therefore, we ask the Honorable judge to consider for this man to pay for what he brought on himself and the misery and torture his victims endured. The law states that…

47-1-40. Ill-treatment of animals generally.
(A) Whoever knowingly or intentionally overloads, overdrives, overworks, ill-treats any animal, deprives any animal of necessary sustenance or shelter, inflicts unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal, or by omission or commission knowingly or intentionally causes these things to be done, for every offense is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be punished by imprisonment not exceeding sixty days or by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, or both, for a first offense; by imprisonment not exceeding ninety days or by a fine not exceeding eight hundred dollars, or both, for a second offense; or by imprisonment not exceeding two years or by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, or both, for a third or subsequent offense. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a first offense under this subsection shall be tried in magistrate's or municipal court.
(B) Whoever tortures, torments, needlessly mutilates, cruelly kills, or inflicts excessive or repeated unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal or by omission or commission causes the acts to be done for any of the offenses is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be punished by imprisonment of not less than one hundred eighty days and not to exceed five years and by a fine of five thousand dollars.

This petition will be updated as more information becomes available; however, the intent will remain the same. 


People can donate to ARR(Animal Rescue & Relief) through Paypal on their site or send donations to ARR @ PO Box 13477, Charleston SC 29422.  They will be posting an updated list of needed supplies on facebook. They have also set up a hotline for tips concerning this case, Animal Hoarding, Puppymills and Dog Fighting.  Please share our info and the hotline number.  We are covering all medical treatments, diagnostics, food, meds on live dogs and covering expenses on tests done on remains.  Huge expense!
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The Doc Williams SPCA is accepting donations to go towards the benefit of the rescued dogs. If you would like to help, visit their website for more information.



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