Lighten The Sentence/Early Parole For Milan Stewart!

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OK, the truth is Milan Stewart did do a crime. He has done eleven months and just received 8 years in and out. For what exactly is a question of course. He partook in crimes that we are agree are dangerous, but there are many reasons why, Milan Stewart, should for surely receive a lighter sentence then 8 in/out.                    

Some reasons are he is a very polite, respectful, and helpful person. He will and has worked hard at making a living and being a student like many do also.

He is not a violent individual as the media makes it seems. He actually helped save a veteran from a car accident that could’ve been way worst. Many people that know Milan Stewart can say; he plays basketball, hangs with friends, attends school, and just was trying to just live like a regular teenager.                       

     The Marine veteran he helped was his older brother. He was picking him up from school and had a seizure while driving back to their place of residence.

      Milan Stewart actually prevented a possibly way worse car accident from steering off the road. They were located on the freeway through Little Chute it is said, but honestly as a person he is too nice and generous to just do what police and the media said he did. This petition is simply saying lighten the sentence for Milan Stewart, for yes crimes deserve time and there are consequences, but certain individuals really should receive another opportunity at freedom.                 

        Yet look what some friends on here with Milan Stewart say about him and also look who have done worse and received, “A slap on the wrist,” compared to Milan Stewart. So if you agree that Outagamie County should, “Lighten The Sentence” for Milan Stewart; SIGN/SHARE THIS PETITION because his time is important for those who care and know great people.