Father Fighting For Custody

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For 8 years I have been in an unthinkable custody battle which has lead to the attempts of false claims to eliminate my role as a father. My daughter is Zoey Nicole Crockett and even though I have pictures and videos as evidence I was still forced to prove I didn’t commit claims that were know untrue when filed. I was accused of hitting our 3 year old child in the face yet the claim was exaggerated from yelling to bruises that faded to even head trauma. In reality I have never laid a single finger on my daughter. Then at 4 there was a false claim of sexual assault on our child again this action never took place however in a precautionary measure the courts discontinued my custody until the investigation was final. Within 40 days that claim was unfounded by the police and inconclusive in CPS. Another Social worker did an interview of our child and she told her that I never did any of these things. I spent over a year retrialing this case in another County only to have the case closed for jurisdiction when in fact it was mother who purposely went to that courtroom. It took me almost 2 years to relocate mother and get through all the legal distractions that were presented. Once located it has now been a 2 year battle just to see my child for 30 mins 4 Times. We have gone through countless evaluations and even though the evidence shows that claims were made untrue the courts are still reluctant to change custody being the mother is all our child knows. However where is the Justice? How does a father ever regain the relationship he once had with a child that is taught to believe her father hurt her. To the point she is now expressing memories from 6 years that have never even been reported and don’t coincide with stories from then. This is a complete example of parental alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome. The courts have basically steered themselves in the side of precaution due to the nature of the claims. However now that the claims are unfounded, and implausible its the time away from my daughter that is the new barrier. Time that I am unable to ever get back time that has been wrongfully taken from me and broken a bond. This petition is a letter of vouching. This letter is vouching for the person I am and the belief that my child is safe. Unfortunately professionals get such a limited view of the actual person and they have to assume that things may have occurred. Also they maintain getting checks by continuing to prolong the process. I am currently Flying from Las Vegas to Oakland for court and for the 30 minute visits with my daughter. There have been a lot of delays because other parent is 100% unwilling to cooperate. I’m not looking to break the bond of mother and daughter I’m looking for an equal opportunity to parent. I am an active supporter of the community. I’m a mentor of a youth football organization that has instilled values into young children through sports. We focus on grades and community involvement which also includes feeding the homeless. I’ve filled the role of a father to 3 children I claim as my own and I’m a father like figure to countless children in our area I’m just seeking and opportunity to father my own. 

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