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Who was Responsible for a mother's disability and her child's death?

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The beautiful kid name is Mahmood Al Saffar, he passed away December 20th 2012, due the negligence and the lack of government oversight in Iraq.

Mahmood was with his mother at the Turkish-owned Maxi Mall located in Baghdad, they both took the elevator which has been malfunctioning and not repaired by the mall owner. When they got inside the elevator it didn’t work which led the mother to push the open door button, the door opened and as she was existing the elevator the door started closing down jamming on her son’s stroller. The mother couldn’t open the door again and the elevator started to go up. The mother used all her force to pull her son off the belt of his strollers but the elevator kept going and she fell with her son in the elevator gap three floors down killing Mahmood and paralyzing his mother.

The mother is currently in the United States getting treatment hoping to restore any her lower-body functions, they have been paying medical expenses out of pocket as the Turkish company refused to cover the medical expenses and the corrupt Iraqi government would not hold them accountable for this horrific incident.

If this incident have happened anywhere else the mother and her family would have been compensated for medical treatment expenses and the loss of her child and other damages caused by the company's negligence. This petition is an appeal to the Supreme Court Chief Justice Honorable  John Roberts and all of the conscious lawmakers in the Federal government to use their power represent, defend and protect the rights of Mahmood’s mother and her family.

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