Save Taxicab Drivers’ Jobs, reduce ICBC rates to enable fair competition.

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The ICBC rates for taxicab must be reduced immediately for our survival against odds imposed on us! The taxicab operators in lower mainland feel let down and deceived by their elected representatives, as gigantic corporations have been given rights to destroy taxi industry and the livelihood of taxicab operators, who served communities in lower mainland 24 hours 7 days a week year around, often working very hard for 12 hour shifts. Suddenly the economic conditions imposed on taxi operators will finish them off, if the government operated ICBC did not reduce insurance rates for taxicabs to enable us to fairly compete with Uber and Lyft etc..

So we seek public support to encourage MLAs and City Councillors to take their responsibility seriously for all of their constituents, especially taxi operators during their tough times and apocalyptic battle with giant corporations. All taxi operators did not have protection from employment standards or labour ministry to enable benefits such as EI, pension plans government or company administered, nevertheless we relied on promises of the politicians, who have betrayed us.