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Respected Sir, 

On December 2016 , PHQ notified the recruitment under Transparent Recruitment Process (TRP) for the post of sub inspector in executive , armed and telecommunication wing . 

The final selection list was declared on  December 13 , 2018 . Just when we were all very eager to don the uniform , the non  selectees approached the Honourable High court on grounds of alleged mass copying and what not, to basically somehow get the process " delayed ". PRB must have preempted the vox populi and conducted whole recruitment under TRP. To avoid any delays n allegations . But still , it has been delayed.

Since matter is subjudice , it's won't be right on our part to comment on the grounds on which Honourable High court has accepted their petition . But we would definitely want to put it on record for the larger good that it is absolutely a case of malfide intentions to get the process delayed n halted . So much so , that when the said petitioner wasn't able to get a successful outcome while undergoing the whole selection process decided to find faults in it. 

It is pertinent to note ,  The flimsy allegations of mass copying were peddled in public domain after declaration of shortlist list some 3 months later when they found themselves not selected and not immediately after the written examination . 

Sir , somewhere in all this cacophony our efforts are being ridiculed for no mistake of ours . We really want to serve this great organisation and we really want to give our services to the best  traditions of Jammu and Kashmir police . So it's a request from all of us , please pave out a way so that we can join as soon as possible and make our state n nation proud of us . 

Jai Hind