Grant an Unconditional Commutation and Pardon to Sonny J. Wong Serving Life Without Parole

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My oldest brother, Sonny Joshua Wong is a 42-year-old man who is currently serving a sentence of life without parole (LWOP) while maintaining his innocence for 20 years. An LWOP sentence is no different than the death penalty; it indicates that anyone who receives this sentence is incorrigible and cannot be rehabilitated. Sonny has been incarcerated since the age of 22 for a wrongful conviction. My family and I are imploring Honorable Governor Gavin Newson to please grant an unconditional commutation and pardon for Sonny in spite of his innocence, impeccable record since his incarceration, and demonstration of being rehabilitated.

Before this conviction, Sonny was a very successful real estate agent in his 20s with high hopes of becoming an entrepreneur and getting married to his fiancée at the time, whom he knew for a couple of years. All those dreams were shattered when he was wrongfully convicted of a murder frame-up in 2000 by a sophisticated young woman with an extensive criminal expertise and who was infamous for her involvement in white-collar crimes since 1998 and for forming fallacious relationships with men leading to their misfortune, along with her fellow co-conspirators. Since then, my family and I have been living a life full of tribulations, striving to unravel the travesties of justice for Sonny, which had left our parents feeling an immeasurable sense of malaise that eventually led to the downturned of their health. Words cannot express the immense pain and suffering my parents have gone through; it is if as though our family is also incarcerated with Sonny.

Regardless of the incalculable hardships that our family has faced for the past 20 years, Sonny continues to improve himself worthy for a commutation and pardon. Through the time when I was three months old in 2000, till now 20 years later, I have seen Sonny emerging as an enlightened individual and a model prisoner. He has developed a plethora of knowledge in behavioral sciences, performed mindful meditations using various exercises to cope with his stress, and studied a variety of religious studies to improve his spirituality. In addition to balancing his work as a plumber for the A-Yard Facility in Lancaster Prison, while training dogs for the PAWS for Life Program. Furthermore, Sonny has completed many classes and have received many certifications. When freed, Sonny would be a commodity that would benefit our society, family, and community. He aspires to teach coping exercises and activities to teens and young adults to prevent violence and gang activities, as well as help others gain control of their emotions and be mentally and spiritually balanced. He also wants to teach the future generations how to effectively cope with their emotions by learning various self-reflection techniques, meditation, and exercises.

Having my brother, Sonny, home means a lot to my family and me, because he would be able to nurse our parents’ health and look after me. Ever since I was born, until now, I have never had my brother attend my graduation in elementary, middle school, or high school. Now as an upcoming third year and first-generation college student, I wish to have my brother with my family and me for my college graduation and to be able to celebrate a family reunion. Without him, my family and I feel incomplete and empty as he is very dear to everyone in our family.

Please sign this petition and ask Honorable Governor Gavin Newsom to grant an unconditional commutation and pardon to Sonny as a gift of life for my family, so that he can be reunited with our family and restore the life he had lost 20 years ago. I would like to express my most profound and infinite gratitude for taking the time to read and support this petition in considering for Sonny’s commutation and pardon.

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