Increase outlay to Education in Budget 2020 to 8% of GDP

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This petition has been started with the intention to convince our government to INCREASE the Education budget from a lowly 3.7% of the GDP to 8% of GDP. The most important aspect for all of us to understand is that EDUCATION is the key to solving most of our country's problems and ills so we must #EducateIndia.

This is the need of the hour as Education has been neglected by successive government over last seventy years since independence. We request and urge the Honorable Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the Government of India to increase the allocation for Education from a paltry 3.7% to at least 8% of GDP. The Kothari Education Commission report from 1966 suggested that we spend at least 6% of our budget on Education but it was never done by any government. The maximum amount allocated to education in last few decades has been about 4.4%. More than a hundred countries spend more on their Education than India in terms of percentage of GDP. They have very strong reasons to do that. As per the BRICS Joint Statistical Publication for 2015, India had spent the least amongst the peer nations on Education.

Education will help people find jobs, they can stand on their own feet and become self reliant, will reduce poverty, will reduce population, will reduce crime, will help improve law & order and motivate people to use banks, digital payments for transactions. We have to also understand that Education being a primary responsibility of the State so the Central government must urge all Indian states to spend at least 20% of their budgets on Education.

Here is the justification and benefits of spending more on Education:

1. Educated people do not produce more children because they understand that they cannot feed them, give them good education, give them enough time or a decent upbringing. We have a stark example of this in India itself. Kerala has 0% population growth and it is a 100% literate state. Educating India will take care of India's OverPopulation problem.

2. Educated people find jobs and when they have jobs they don't become thieves, kidnappers, anti-social elements. This reduces Law & Order issues and brings peace, productivity and prosperity to the country and its citizens. Here is a strong proof of this: As per the data in 2015 report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more than 70 per cent of prisoners have not passed Class 10.

3. Educated people find ways to earn a living which reduces poverty and hunger. They can become entrepreneurs or find jobs for themselves and thus support their families.

4. Educated people know and understand their rights and duties. They are better and law abiding citizens. They are more capable to understand procedures, fight for their rights and better deal with the government. They can do transactions in banks on their own. They are better at keeping a Swachha Bharat, using digital ways to transact to help create a Digital India etc.

5. Educated people are better equipped to know whom to vote for and will most probably elect better quality politicians to become Councillors / MLAs / MPs. They themselves will become better quality politicians if they choose to be in politics.

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