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Honorable Chief Justice Punjab and Haryana High Court CHANDIGARH India: release from detention Mahadevi Prachi Kumari

Just for a little background.. Mahadevi was orphaned at 7 years old, when her father who was a doctor died. She grew up in a humanist orphanage, and was attending a local university, working on a degree in biotechnology. She never left the orphanage that she grew up in, because she decided to work there as a teacher, assistant, and big sister to 108 orphaned children. This is a bright young woman with a promising future, who has been taken by people who want to force her into marriage, and get this orphanage to close because it doesn't teach obedience to a religion or guru, and is a non-religious school.She's 20 years old, she went missing after classes April 1st, her bike was found locked. They've confirmed that she's kidnapped, where she's being held, confirmed she's still alive, and yes she's been taken in part for sex trade / forced marriage, also to put pressure on a non-religious orphanage to close down, where she grew up and worked.My dear friend, Mahadevi, was kidnapped from the University of Kurukshetra, where she was majoring in biotechnology. This precious girl is very dear to me.I'd like as many of you as possible to sign it, I'll be posting it on close friends walls all over the globe.

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