Pressure Governments of Egypt and Sudan to Recognize the Nubian Language

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Nuraddin Abdulmannan
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We, the representatives of the Nubian organizations, activists, friends of Nubia and organizations make this petition to the international community to rescue the Nubian language from Arabization by urging or pressuring the governments of Egypt and Sudan to recognize the Nubian Language as an official language.

We call upon the UNESCO Director General, Honorable Audrey Azoulay and through her esteemed office the respected members of the International  Society of Nubian Studies (ISNS), relevant international organizations, acadeicians and all friends of Nubia to seize the great opportunity of the International Year of the Indigenous Languages and take the lead of this historic campaign till the governments of Egypt and Sudan respect the rights of the Nubians and their contribution to the mankind civilization and recognize forthwith the the Nubian language as an official language on equal footings with the Arabic language.

Below is the link to a previous campaign at to save the Nubian language from Arabization and Culutral Cleansing in Egypt and Sudan which was sent to Ms. Irina Bokova, the former Director General of the UNESCO.

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