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Honor Student Jailed for Missing School: Ask the judge to cancel her fine and sentencing

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Diane Tran isn't like most seventeen-year-old girls her age. Sure, there are many honors students taking dual credit U.S. History, dual credit English Literacy, College Algebra, and Spanish Language AP. Sure, there are some who work part time and full time jobs like Diane does at a dry cleaners and a wedding venue. 

But, since Diane's parents have moved away, Diane does all of this to support herself and her two siblings.

For a student facing these challenges, a teacher or authority figure should have reached out to her and made sure she didn't slip through the cracks. Despite her situation, she's not just an extraordinary worker and student, she's an extraordinary human being with a fighting spirit.

The reason why we should care about her is this: The state of Texas is sentencing a young girl to a night of jail for being too emotionally and physically exhausted to go to school. The institutions that are to provide resources to youth and ensure justice are instead punishing her like a criminal and fining her $100.

The Judge in Diane's case said he was making an example of her with this severe punishment. Diane is already an example of how people her age should be acting.

Please tell Judge Lanny Moriarty, the State of Texas, and the U.S.A. to make sure that the future leaders of our nation are looked after and taken care of. Thank you.


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