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Honor Anti-Racist Free-Speech Rights in Memphis, TN, USA

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The city of Memphis has said Anti-Klan demonstrators need a permit for the Anti-Klan Demo on 3/30/13, even though we are technically responding to the Klan's call for the "largest rally ever" and should fall under their permit, then the city said they will not honor a request for a permit until they have written proof that JoNina actually represents the organizations applying for the permit, then the city lied and said the symphony has already reserved the park to play during the Klan rally, then the city said we have to pay for a $1 million insurance policy, then the city said it was easier for the Klan to get a permit than it is for us because the Klan accidently filled out the wrong form. The absurd excuses to deny us our right to speech and assembly go on and on... (more information below)
We cannot let these people get away with these silly evasions and attempt to stop us from assembling and demonstrating against the Klan. Please let people know about all this, and ask them to contact the Mayor and other city officials, as well as the Memphis Downtown Commission. All this just shows is how the local government has collaborated with Klansmmen over the decades, granted them special rights and then attempted to smash anti-Klan activists.
City officials email addresses:
City officials phone numbers:
Aubrey J. Howard
Permits Administrator
(901) 636-6711
Downtown Memphis Commission
Paul Morris, President
Downtown Memphis Commission
Jerome Rubin, Vice President of Operations
Mayor A C Wharton, Jr.
(901) 636-6000

Various talking points:

1. I'm concerned about the March 30th Klan rally in Memphis, which apparently received a permit from the city?

2. I'm also concerned that the Klan was provided a very easy path to this permit (false address, no requirements, etc.), and that people applying to counter-protest are being hit with all sorts of challenges and weirdness.

2.a. He'll respond by saying that the Klan was accidentally given an old form, with different requirements, and that the counterprotesters were given the right one. Ask him "Has the Klan been given the correct form, now, and required to fill it out? Equal opportunity is part of our federal law."

3. Will I be allowed to exercize my right to speech and assemply by attending the Klan rally and showing my support for the Klan? Will I be allowed to exercize my right to free speech and assembly and showing my distain for the Klan?

4. Finally, regardless of all the ways in which he'll claim his hands are tied, tell him that it looks to the rest of the country like Memphis is actively colluding with the Klan, and is doing active harm to Memphis' reputation. (He represents the city of memphis as the permit grantor, so this is likely to hit him hard).

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