We are all equal deserving of an equal vote towards the Laws that govern US. Est. 28th

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By virtue of our founding fathers, we as Americans have been bestowed with the right to revolution. The right to alter our government; to change from this so-called democracy. That looks more like a monarchy made up of Democrats and Republicans. And become what we once were meant to be a Republic. Where America's People come before the elected and the chance for true democracy can be revealed. This is a demand to uphold the US Constitution and allow for the People's revolution to commence beginning with the establishment of the 28th Amendment; which gives fellow Americans 18+, access through technology to vote for bills. Congress make laws - the citizens of America vote laws into effect.

The urgency to act to restore power to the people has never been more real. Without fail our constitutional rights have been blatantly dismissed continuously by those placed into power, seeking votes for a party and neglecting the needs of Americans. Not to mention what happened during and on Election Day 2016. From the Russian interference, to Americans misinterpreting district lines, rigging the election. The whole affair was unconstitutional and there is more than enough evidence to deem these actions and more as destructive to all that this country has been built upon. Our only answer is to accept revolution, change.
We are virtually already there, able to view live stream congressional meetings. All that is left is to get the American People involved. It would only be the right thing to do. We as a country can no longer go back and forth. Stalling to create real solutions, proposing laws that do nothing but benefit less than half of us. Let the People of the America have the ultimate say=vote that will break indecision. We need laws passed in regards to: Education, Taxes, Health Care, the Environment, Gun Control, Jobs.... and we need them Now!

Set dates throughout the year where the Nation can unite to vote. Televise this Revolution to achieve real time solutions. Register to vote using your fingerprint, eye, or face. Redirect us to secure sites to verify personal information. All citizens 18+ receive a Voter Identification Number. We have limitless options using technology to secure our voice/vote and to eliminate voter fraud. Most importantly to increase voter turn out, which in turns allows all citizens to do their part in creating a better US.

It's time we adopted a new Amendment. One in which allows us to come together as a Nation, using the technology of the age to achieve the dreams of the past. For a better America sign to pass legislation.

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