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U.S. citizens who were born in Laos and worked for the CIA in the Vietnam War are being denied health insurance and other veterans benefits because their role in the war was secret. We need to honor and recognize all of our veterans from the Vietnam War.

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U.S. Congress
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Senator Brian Schatz
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Senator Amy Klobuchar
Representative Betty McCollum
Senator Al Franken
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
I would like to support Mr. Khao Insixiengmay and all the other surviving Lao Royal Lao Armed Forces and Special Guerrilla Units members who are now U.S. Citizens. On behalf of them, I request you take the needed steps to recognize these men as U.S. Veterans and provide all the associated benefits, particularly health insurance.

Fifty thousand Lao, Hmong, and other ethnics of the RLAF & SGU were killed and more than 120 thousand suffered wounds as result of the US policy of sponsoring, training, and directing Lao troops under US Special Forces and CIA advisers to advance the defense of South Vietnam. Due to this we we believe the Lao, Hmong and other ethnics, now veterans living in the United States, are entitled to acknowledgement and respect for the monumental sacrifices made.

This step is not without precedent, Filipino veterans began to receive benefits in 2009 for their part assisting the United States during World War II.

Thank you for taking leadership in helping America do the right thing and support all our Vietnam War veterans.


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