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1) We respectfully ask that the City and County of Honolulu Planning Commission recommend that the December, 2012 (formerly dated October, 2010) Public Review Draft of the Ko’olauloa Sustainable Communities Plan be discarded. 


2) The December, 2012 (formerly dated October 2010) Public Review Draft of the Ko’olauloa Sustainable Communities Plan has been hijacked via the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) by LDS development representatives in La'ie as well as proponents of Turtle Bay Resort expansion. This draft does not reflect the vision, goals, and objectives of all communities in Ko’olauloa and the rest of Oahu.


3) Neither the expansion plan at Turtle Bay Resort, nor “Envision La'ie” fit within the confines of the Oahu General Plan, which specifies that “Ko’olauloa’s natural resources and predominately ‘country’ character should be maintained by allowing only limited development in established communities, and that agricultural lands along the Windward, North Shore, and Wai’anae coasts are to be maintained for diversified agriculture”.


4) If the December, 2012 draft (formerly dated October, 2010) Public Review Draft Ko’olauloa Sustainable Communities Plan were to be implemented as it is now written, the plan would doom Ko’olauloa to the negative impacts of urbanization: parking lots, hotels, amusement parks, housing tracts, strip malls and traffic gridlock. It would unwisely and irresponsibly transform one of the largest remaining portions of rural Oahu. This would not be fair to future generations nor is it a sustainable economic model.


5) Alternatively, the Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Draft of the Ko'olauloa Sustainable Communities Plan forwarded to DPP in June of 2009 is the product of two years of hard work by representatives of all the communities in Ko'olauloa. The June 2009 PAC Draft complies with the vision of the Ko'olauloa SCP as well as with the principles of the General Plan and the State Sustainability 2050 Plan while minimizing impacts on infrastructure and preserving agricultural land for agriculture in Malaekahana and Kahuku. The need for affordable housing can be met by placing residential development on land already approved in La'ie and Kahuku as well as in other areas of Ko'olauloa.


6) We therefore request that the Planning Commission advance the June 2009 PAC Draft of the Ko'olauloa Sustainable Communities Plan.


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  • Honolulu Planning Commission
    Honolulu Planning Commission and the Honolulu City Council
  • Council member District 5
    Ann Kobayashi
  • Council member District 4
    Stanley Chang
  • Council member district 3
    Ikaika Anderson
  • Mayor, City & County of Honolulu
    Kirk Caldwell
  • HHF Planners
    Corlyn Olson Orr
  • District 9 Counclimember
    Ron Menor
  • District 7 councilmember
    Joey Manahan
  • District 6 councilmember
    Carol Fukunaga
  • Council Chair
    Ernest Y. Martin
  • Council member District 1
    Kymberly Marcos Pine
  • District 8 - Councilmember
    Breene Harimoto

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