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Honolulu City Council and Hawaii Legislature: Please prohibit wind farms adjacent to homes

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(This petition is no longer needed - the proposed Na Pua Makani Wind Farm would be illegal due to noise ordinance requirements.  See for additional information, including the deceptive way the developer avoided disclosing the illegal noise aspect.)  

Dear City and County of Honolulu and State of Hawaii,

Please institute the following common sense windmill setback law based on world wind farm leader Denmark's wind farm law:

"Windmills must be situated at a minimum distance of 4 × their height away from habitation. If the windmill is erected closer than 6 × its height, an estimation is carried out free of charge regarding the depreciation of the property value. If the loss is more than 1%, full compensation of the loss in property value is paid out. If the property is situated farther away than 6 × the height of the windmill, the property owner may pay to have an evaluation of the loss in value carried out. If it is estimated that the depreciation is more than 1%, the loss in value of the property is paid out to the property owner by the wind developer and the cost of the assessment, up to $700 reimbursed to the property owner by the wind developer. If it is estimated that there is no loss in value of the property, the cost of the assessment is forfeited by the property owner. Owners of windmills have to pay the compensation for property value loss exceeding 1% and for the assessments of value of such properties."

A wind farm's take of property is simple public use taking by eminent domain and a mechanism for landowner recovery of property value loss should be implemented so private persons don't bear the cost of a public benefit.  It is unjust for urban Honolulu to power itself using a North Shore wind farm (and for that wind farm to take home profit) without first compensating the losses borne by the North Shore's private landowners.  Property values on the North Shore of Oahu are being adversely affected by existing wind farms due to serious undisclosed unanticipated effects to views, scenery, adverse effects to offshore surfing wind conditions, and noise.  

The proposed Na Pua Makani wind farm, at 58% taller than any existing Hawaii wind farm, would have even more serious adverse effects to human health and to the east winds that are so important to the surf conditions at Sunset Beach and Pipeline (see  Because the proposed Na Pua Makani Wind Farm looks like it has a turbine located approximately within 2.5-x its height of the residences of Kauku town, a wind farm such as this one would never even be considered in Denmark.  This new requirement is needed to assure this Na Pua Makani Wind Farm moves their wind farm farther away from the residences, schools, and hospital in the North Shore town of Kahuku and to require compensation to Kahuku property owners (and North Shore shoreline property owners when your wind farm ruins our surf conditions).

To Help:  To contribute to the legal fight against the Na Pua Makani Wind Farm (which entail's the wind developer's insufficient endangered bat mitigation, which will also inform an amendment the Kawailoa Wind Farm is expected to need for any continued operation of their wind farm, please send a donation to Keep the North Shore Country at: 

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