Tell Me 約章-令香港成為一個更有愛嘅城市 'Tell Me' Pledge to create a more supportive environment in HK

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Please take a stand to support the well-being and safety of Hongkongers. Spread the word and take the pledge.


  • 當我唔開心,我會同人講。 
  • 我會多加留意身邊人嘅情緒。
  • 當我擔心你嘅時候,我會主動關心你,問你覺得點。
  • 我會唔批判咁聽你慢慢講,同盡我所能確保你安全。

I pledge that I will: 

  • Tell someone if I am struggling 
  • Be aware of the signs of distress in others
  • Ask about your feelings if I am worried
  • Listen without judgment and do what I can to keep you safe

Support Information
24小時情緒支援服務 Samaritans 24/7 hotline: 2896 0000
Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong 24/7 hotline: 2389 2222
Suicide Prevention Services (SPS) hotline. 2382 0000
Samaritans Befrienders chat service:
Open Up chat service:
Mind HK mental health charity: