Be Apart of the Solution Not the Pollution

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Having clean air to breathe is crucial to having good health, but many people don’t have clean air to breathe. I am now 12 years old and this is my 8th year living in Hong Kong, and it is mind-blowing to think about how much the air pollution levels have gone up over the years.

Can you imagine having to play inside of a dome instead of being able to move freely? Well, that’s how most kids have to live in China, since the air pollution levels are so high.

Some people may think it is ok to go outside when the air pollution levels are high, but it is really not ok. Research shows that people who live in more polluted places have a 20% higher chance of getting lung cancer than people who live in less polluted places.

Every year 100 million people die from pollution, and we need to do something to help. One way you can help is by walking or riding a bike instead of taking other transportation such as cars, buses, and motorcycles, that release dangerous toxins into the air. Another way you can help is by avoiding cooking with wood or coal, which also releases dangerous toxins into the air.

Just by doing these two simple things could make a big difference, so imagine if everyone did this, maybe those kids in China would not have to play inside of a dome. After all, the next generation deserves better, they should not have to deal with such disgusting air because the last generation was selfish!