Shade our playgrounds!

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Most, if not all of the playgrounds in Hong Kong do not have shade from the sun. 

A practical solution is to put up sun shades or sails. Examples of these would include playgrounds and parks in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. 

Why the need for shade?

Protect Children from Harmful UV rays;

  • Sun exposure and sunburn in childhood and adolescence is a risk factor for lifetime skin cancer.
  • Hong Kong has an average UV rating of 6-7(high) during the summer months. 
  • Hong Kong's average summer temperature often exceeds 31Deg Celsius.

Children can play for longer 

  • By shading our playground, children will be able to play for longer, allowing them to have more fun while staying active. Shade structures keep spaces cooler for children to play. 
  • The playground equipment is exposed to direct sunlight, resulting in the equipment being too hot to use or even scalding children.
  • Sun shades or sails will also protect against rain, especially in the HK summer rainfall months.

Keep playground equipment cool to the touch.

  • Many playground injuries come from children touching over-heated playground surfaces that are exposed to the sun for too long.

 Increase the life of the play equipment.

  •  Shade structures will actually increase the life of the play equipment. It does this by protecting it from fading and cracking that happens from sun exposure over time.
  • Thus will make economic sense for the HK government to install sun shades. 

I have seen sun shades in seating areas in HK parks. This means it is possible to have these in Hong Kong. The government should have no excuse to begin putting up sun shades over our playgrounds. 

I am tired of seeing these wonderful playgrounds empty for most of the day during our summer months, especially during summer holidays when we are looking for ways to keep our young children active and entertained.