HK Needs Change

HK Needs Change

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HK Truth started this petition to Hong Kong leaders

NOTE:  This petition is a shortened version of the Open Letter dated 2019-09-09 located at

Dear Hong Kong,

The signers of this petition state as follows.

WE ARE UNITED as sincere, Hong Kong-loving citizens – even as our home, Hong Kong, has been so sharply divided by recent events. 

WE OPPOSE the divisions in Hong Kong, where brother fights brother, father fights son, and friends have become enemies, as internal and external forces threaten to destroy the HK way of life.

WE BELIEVE that our home, Hong Kong, is one of the greatest cities in the world, even though our enemies, both domestic and foreign, seek to spread their lies, to hide the truth, to poison the minds of HK people, and to turn world opinion against us.

WE REGRET that Hong Kong also has severe problems which have allowed discontent to explode into violent civil unrest in a MINORITY segment of the population, including:  severe economic dislocation, primarily in real estate prices; and severely flawed education system which has produced a generation which is significantly lacking in STEM-related knowledge and skills, English and Chinese language proficiency, and critical thinking and decision-making ability.

WE OPPOSE the proposed United States legislation, supported by the black shirts, which would, effectively, destroy Hong Kong’s position as the main trading gateway into and out of China.

WE SEE THE TRUTH exposed by the actions of US lawmakers and Hong Kong anti-government protestors such as Joshua Wong, who lie that they support democracy.  All societies are formed as a group of people who, by their own free will, join together and allow themselves to be governed by a common set of rules, for the good of all.  Those who do not agree with the rules are free to leave.  That agreement is TRUE DEMOCRACY.  By threatening to sanction Hong Kong, the US is seeking to subjugate us - they are saying “please me or I will starve you”.  When the violent black shirts riot, they don’t care what the rest of us want, and they can't even explain why they fight.  There is NO DEMOCRACY in the bullying by the United States and the mob rule by the black shirt rioters.

WE BELIEVE that the civil unrest is a symptom of a greater, widespread rot which has infected Hong Kong, and made us weak and vulnerable to destabilization.

WE HAVE BEEN LET DOWN by the failures of many of our institutions.  The Government doesn’t act in our best interests, the press/media no longer tell us the truth and no longer inform us to be good citizens of the world, the elitist judges put their political views above the needs of society, the legislators are out of touch with reality, the schools promote their own twisted propaganda to our children.

WE SEE THE REAL ISSUES threatening our way of life, that we must overcome.

  • Corrupt and broken judicial system needs to be cleansed, or it will block the necessary changes
  • Government, legislators, and political parties needs to re-focus on economic prosperity and the threats/opportunities facing HK, instead of being paralyzed by debate over false democracy
  • Education system needs to be de-radicalized and the curriculum revamped to ensure that our children will be equipped to take advantage of HK’s opportunities
  • Civil service, public services, and medical sector must be de-radicalized to ensure that the primary duty to the public is served
  • Housing market reform to shift Hong Kong away from reliance on the volatile “real-estate driven economy” which has created severe economic inequality
  • Broad economic reform to shift Hong Kong away from low-value-added services towards high-value-added FLDCC (e.g., financial, legal, design, creative, cultural) services and goods, particularly with a view to acting as a bridge between China and the rest of the world
  • HK must seize the opportunities created by China’s “Greater Bay Area” strategy, which will develop the region into one of the world’s economic hubs
  • HK must transform into a clean and green city that can survive in the future era of global warming and climate change
  • HK must leverage the greatest strengths of Hong Kong society and people – we are hard-working, internationally-fluent, creative, and open minded

WE KNOW that we have the power to fix things.  We, the silent majority, are not the pilot who steers the course, nor are we even the captain of the ship.  The silent majority is, in fact, the great deep sea current that moves the entire ocean, and the ship, facilities, pilot and rest of the crew are merely the institutions that serve the will of the people.  The truth is that we are the real power, but we need to find our direction.

WE DEMAND CHANGE among the institutions that have failed us.  We need to repudiate our internal enemies who seek to destroy us.  We need to shout out to our external friends and enemies that we are, in fact, the real voice of Hong Kong.

WE NOW SPEAK UP for what the people of Hong Kong really need and want.  We don’t want politics and lies.  We just want economic prosperity, to give us the freedom to live and enjoy life the way we want, without harming others.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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