STOP Plastic Straws in Hong Kong

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Currently, plastic straws are used most widely around Hong Kong. Around 2,000 tonnes of plastic is sent to the landfills each day with plastic straws accounting for just over 5% of the total. This amount is not even enough to fit into 100 shipping containers. What is bad about this plastic? As the plastic degrades, the harmful chemicals are emitted, this can be transferred to organisms during ingestion. These toxic molecules can accumulate in the body causing cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, and other health problems. Plastic bags also affect the growth of crops by stopping the photosynthesis in fields. However, The most direct effect of plastic pollution is still the capture of animals in nets or larger debris. It is a cause of a drop of morality in marine mammals, turtles, and birds. If we want to save our environment and those who live on it we need to act. 

This connects to economics because plastic straws are so much cheaper than other materials. It is easy to produce and aid consumers. Each plastic straw is about 40 cents cheaper than a paper one. Companies look at the potential of these straws and use it due to this advantage. Even though plastic waste is already a huge problem environmentally and physically in Hong Kong, companies continue to purchase and create plastic due to the increase in money. As the plastic is still cheaper, many companies will continue to invest in plastic straws. Another reason this benefits the companies is that it is single use. If consumers will return to buy the drink, another straw will be there. In addition, plastic straws are more firm enhancing the quality of the drink, making sure no loose pieces of the straw will sink into the drink. At the same time, this is harming the environment. With a tougher shell, it takes thousands of years for a plastic straw to decompose in comparison to a paper straw which only takes a few years.

In order to benefit our wellbeing and the environment, our home. We can all take part in the action. I will create a petition to multiple large food chains informing them of the crisis we are currently facing. Most likely, they will not change, so I will also inform others around the globe of this problem, persuading them to speak up. Through my petition, I hope that you will consider spreading the word of this problem to others. #Strengths in Numbers With a larger group of people aware of this problem, there will be more signatures to the petition, leading to change.