Honeycutt Trash Partition Relocation

Honeycutt Trash Partition Relocation

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Why this petition matters

Started by Joseph Rooney

Recently a trash partition has been poorly installed next to the clubhouse, we are seeking an amicable decision to relocate this installation for reasons contained herein. Below are a number of concerns with this installation and we hope to find a more positive outcome with the HOA and board. Please review below and submit your endorsement with any comments as required.  The main points causing the urgent need to have this partition moved are: 

  • Poor craftsmanship; not straight,  not level,  cement oversplash on the surrounding surfaces and materials.
  • Holes in the pad will cause future damage with the expansion caused by the freeze thaw cycle.  Our operations fund will have to pay for these inevitable repairs.
  • The location is highly undesirable. The area on the south side of the clubhouse is heavily used year round. The current layout takes up 231 Sq ft of space in this high traffic,  high utilization area. With 600+ homes utilizing this amenity we cannot afford such a reduction of usable space. 
  • Trash can location will be inches away from where residents will be sun bathing, children playing,  enjoying picnic lunches,  etc.  Standing trash smells and attracts bugs.  Both are a health and welfare concern with so many of us using the space immediately adjacent to this area. 
  • No coordination whatsoever was conducted with the resident population to consider any of these concerns before deciding on this location and utilization of our common area. 
  • The location installed aside from being a health, safety,  and space concern takes away from the typically beautiful views from the clubhouse common areas.  

Again,  we seek is the immediate removal and repair of the current install.  As well as a favorable relocation of the partition to either the north side of the club house or the south side of the pool house. Both locations are away from amenity use areas and easily obscured from eye sight. This will give back our amenity space,  be more esthetically pleasing,  be a better decision for health and welfare, and prevent future damages to the common areas as previously described. 

137 have signed. Let’s get to 200!