Stop the exploitation of innocent children in the media.

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Honey 9 and the TODAY Australia Facebook pages continually post articles written by Jo Abi about the negative impact her children and their mental health, personal issues and behaviours have on her personally. 

These innocent children have the RIGHT to privacy. These articles could be submitted without photos identifying herself or her children, but are not. Their names could be changed to protect their privacy, but are not. 

The latest article of many is titled “So sick of being on suicide watch”. This is the title that a 13 year old victim of mental health, his peers and the world gets to see. 

I believe exposing this child to how his current suicidal thoughts and actions are affecting his mother on a world wide platform could be causing him extreme pain and be adding to his mental health issues. 

Please sign this petition to STOP Honey Nine, Today, and Channel 9 from giving this mother a platform to exploit her children’s personal lives for her personal gain. 

There are numerous articles Jo Abi has written directly about all her children and the negative impact they have on her life. 

As a parent, I find this extremely concerning and downright dangerous for all her children’s mental health. 

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