Encourage leisurely shopping and eating in downtown Honesdale

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The current problem in downtown Honesdale is that the metered parking spots directly on main street have a two hour limit in one parking space. This is limiting patrons to two hours to walk around and possibly eat. This is simply not enough time to have a meal which on average takes 30-45 min at minimum and visit maybe a store or two at best. Customers are complaining daily to local buiness owners and amongst themselves that this is not enough time. When someones meter is up they are more likely to leave rather than move thier car to another spot and add 2 hours to the new metered spot. If the two hour metered spots are increased to 4 hours this would allow plenty of time for walking the entire main street and grabbing a bite to eat without having to worry about getting a ticket. I think to encourage people to visit our town even more we should have free parking Saturday's as well as Sunday's and holidays. We want people to come see our town and fall in love with it as much as we all love it and by increasing meter times and making parking free weekends and Holidays we will do just that!