Regularisation For Falcon Villa on humanitarian Grounds

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Honourable Sir

Your office has always supported the cause of thousands of flat owners in Maharashtra who have been cheated by a developer. Your office has also proposed regularisation of such buildings built prior to 2015. Your help will be a lifeline to thousands of citizens who have been cheated.

"Falcon Villa" an old building more than 50 years old built prior to 1940 and in extreme dilapidated condition needed to be redeveloped. We put our trust in a redeveloper who promised to redevelop the property by following all lawful process. Unfortunately the developer does not live up to his part of deal and sadly 20 years since its residents are still running pillar to post to try and get the building regularised. Now the developer is also deceased. The residents have spent their life savings on buying flats. We now see our hopes and dreams being demolished by BMC in tears. You can understand the stress of this situation for 20 years. We were also victims of unreasonable demands for settlements and since we could not afford constant complaints were made to get the building down. We will not name anyone because there will always be anti elements who try to take advantage of the situation. So unless the Govt steps in to help us rather than penalise us we cannot look towards a better future.

DCR 33 (7) is considered only for old buildings or cessed buildings of corporation for FSI purpose. Humbly request regularisation on humanitarian grounds. Hoping the Government will help in improving the quality of our lives and not demolish our lives and make us homeless.Government should help in reconstruction/ rehabiliation. Help is not only for slum dwellers but every citizen needs Government support.

All in support kindly sign this petition.

Thank you all for your support

Residents of Falcon Villa

Chapel Road Bandra West Mumbai 50

Note:  Property legal so dont believe any malicious rumors. Falcons have been been cheated by redevelopers and have lost their homes and they are fighting for the rights of all building residents thank you for giving us this platform to reach out to our CM. There will be people trying to abort our mission. Let CM decide our cause.

Warm note of thanks to the kind hearted people who provided food to the families during the demolition.


 Video Credit: Firoze Shakir 

Disclaimer: views opinions and sometimes fears expressed by individuals in video or in comments are entirely their own and they have every right to appeal and seek protection from Govt for which this petition aims for.