Reappoint Mark Storm as Honeoye Boys Basketball Coach! #stormstrong

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Reappoint Mark Storm as Honeoye Boys Basketball Coach! #stormstrong

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Mark Storm, beloved coach and retired teacher in the Honeoye Central School District, was denied reappointment as the Boys Varsity Basketball Coach after his second season. Coach Storm is the winningest coach in Section V history between previous coaching appointments including Varsity Girls Basketball (29 years), Varsity Boys Baseball (10 years), Varsity Girls Softball (9 years), Varsity Boys Soccer (10 years), JV Girls Soccer (6 years), and 31 years of Elementary Girls/Boys Basketball. That’s 97 seasons of coaching Honeoye athletics over the last 32 years! In that time, Mark and his teams have won over 30 sectional and league titles in the Finger Lakes Region of Section V sports, as well as 12 Sportsmanship Awards, and 15 Coach of the Year Awards.


Although these accolades are important to the teams and the school district of Honeoye Central, they don’t begin to scratch the surface of what Mark Storm has provided his athletes over the last four decades. Coach Storm teaches teamwork, dedication and trust in his players and teams. He believes in accountability, consequences and leadership, and holds his players to the highest standards of character and respect for themselves, their team, and their school.


At the meeting, where seven Honeoye Board of Education members voted Storm out of his coaching duties with a vote of 5-2, 47 people were there in support of him and 11 members of the community spoke on his behalf. These people included alumni of his athletic programs, parents of current players and assistant coaches. Many people stated how “he was the most influential person in my life,” and “without him I don’t know where I would be.” He believed in everyone who gave him time and effort and always enforced that we were playing for those who came before us, and preparing for those that came after. There is no greater coach in the Finger Lakes, in Section V, or in New York State who is or could be as dedicated to these players, these teams, and this school district.


Who should sign this petition??


1. If you believe that Mark Storm should continue being the Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, please sign this petition.


2. If you believe that 97 seasons worth of alumni who will stand by him and his teachings should have more insight than parents who are upset by student consequence, please sign this petition.


3. If you think a school district should stand by its teachers and coaches if there is no evidence that the coach has done anything against school policy, please sign this petition.


4. If Mark Storm has influenced your life in any significant way, please sign this petition,


5. If you believe that the duty of the Board of Education is to vote for the MAJORITY and not just the loudest most persistent voice, please sign this petition.


6. If you believe that the duty of the Board of Education is to vote based on evidence and not simply personal opinion, please sign this petition.


It doesn't matter where you live or who you are, whether you live in California or have never heard of Honeoye, NY, if you have played for him, coached against him, met him once 20 years ago, know someone whose life he has touched, or just simply believe in what is right and just for someone who has dedicated their entire life to an organization and bettered it over the last four decades, please sign this petition.


For every “1” person who does not want Mark Storm coaching, there is “1000” who believe in him, his coaching, and the teachings his past players and students still hold dearly years and decades later.


Please help us fight this good fight! Stand up for what is right! Sign this petition to reinstate MARK STORM as the VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL COACH for the 2015-2016 season!

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This petition had 722 supporters