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India: Ministry for De-colonization

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Dear Sri Narendra Modi ji

While it is a fact that Bharat was a victim of colonial yoke, there has never been an effort by any of the previous Governments to precisely identify the damage done to the territory, cultural, moral and intellectual fabric of the country. The inferiority complex and the self-abnegation so ingrained in the Indian mind was very much evident when you were working towards the “World Yoga Day” – we saw that many from the political, intellectual spheres, even many lay people/groups were so cynical about claiming our rightful ancrestral legacy. Not only that many were even afraid of worse things happening if Yoga had achieved any prominence. However, Yoga – and thereby our ancestors who taught us how to lead a healthy and meaningful life -  gained the deserved place in the world community due to your dedicated efforts. It was heartening to note that many foreign governments, had actually welcomed this whole heartedly.

This petition is to draw your attention to the need to de-colonize Bharat, so that we do gain the full promise of Independence, and also assure ourselves that we may never be colonized again. Some examples below:

1.       In certain scientific areas, like for example Economics, we import western theories and approaches even as our society’s micro characteristics are vastly different than the west.

2.       In fields like history, sociology, anthropology etc., we completely apply western models and in the many decades since Independence we have so far not evolved any models to look at ourselves – and rely entirely on either what the West tells us about ourselves, or we use western models to look at ourselves. For a country that can boast of being the world’s oldest civilization, this is nothing short of being a matter of great pain and dishonour.

a.       Theories of race and invasions as a vehicle of emancipation have so penetrated our psyche that we refuse to accept the fact that many of those theories have been discredited even at their source, and continue to hold on to them. Who are we now helping to rule us by dividing ourselves on the basis of dubious theories?

b.      Many Bharatas now are hardly aware of the greatness of our civilization and culture, that existed from Egypt to Vietnam. All that we learn in our history books is a few rough edges like sati, dowry, untouchability, to which we are eternally apologetic. Our textbooks are no good source of what we may be proud of.

3.       In fields like Archeology and Genetics where tremendous research is being done globally, and many dubious theories and prejudiced opinions are being busted – those hardly seem to make it to our books.

4.       We seem to have completely ceded the history of science to West. Today, although our textbooks have some side notes on contributions from some famous Indian scientists, they are still mere side notes. We are not counted in the ‘official’ history of science, a narrative that is controlled by the West. There is tremendous amount of research into science and technology in ancient India and many results are available – such continue to be confined to papers, read and ignored by those who choose not to acknowledge us, our broad population never coming to know the truth. We must have our own narrative on evolution and history of science.

5.       Information warfare is a major component of continuing colonization. Very extensive atrocity literature and media campaigns are run against our country under the banner of ‘human rights’, today we dismiss those reports – but do not give them back a befitting reply.

6.       We do not spend any attention, effort on the history and destiny of other nations. There are no solid academic pursuits that can help generate information and intelligence that can aid in diplomatic and other pursuits and decisions.

This is merely an indicative sample.

Our request to the Government is to create a “Ministry for De-Colonization of Bharat (or India)”. The rationale is – as already mentioned – the fact that we are the victims of colonization both in the past and present (though in the present, it is more colonization of the mind).

The said ministry would work out its own charter.

Our request is also to kindly appoint Shri Rajiv Malhotra ji as the Union Minister to head this ministry owing to his yeoman service in bringing these issues into our national consciousness by his books, lectures, his highly scholastic and successful "home team", and his activism on the social media for the cause of building a Grand Indian Narrative.

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