Resignation of Prof. Vinod Yadava from the post of Director, NIT Hamirpur (H​.​P.)

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The NIRF Ranking for 2020 were released yesterday. As an alumnus of this great college(NIT Hamirpur) it pains me to see my alma mater perform so poorly in a matter of just one year.

From Rank 60 in 2019 to Rank 98 in 2020, something is seriously wrong with the administration that is being overlooked completely. By this petition we urge current Director, Prof. Vinod Yadava, to owe up to his responsibilities as the prime administrator of this institute and resign.

We have all been aware that how since his arrival more emphasis was laid on policing than actual issues like creating and promoting research, placements, projects, etc. No start-up has been incubated in spite of being the incubation center under HP Govt.

This is a failure of his administration and none of us find our alma mater and college to be safe in his hands anymore.

Sir, I hope this gets to you and you do what should have been done a long time back, RESIGN !