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Honarable primeminister of pakistan Mr.Imran Khan.

Why this petition matters

Dear honarable primeminister 

Srilankan's are a great supporter of your nation and the recent incident might have tarnished the love towords you and great pakistani nation.

  No one should die like this. But the real incident here must be investigated and reported in the right way and the culprits must be properly punished. In my experience, Pakistanis are very close and respectful of Sri Lankans. I hope that this will be remedied in a way that will not create tension among our nations.

Please ensure the justice will be served to the decesed and his family. Also ensure the safety of the expacts who are supporting to grow your economy.

I apologize if my comment offended anyone. This is a time for us to act wisely and justice should be Given to the deseased . 

Thank you.

A great admierer of you and your nation.

17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!