Against Anti National Activities in West Bengal.

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His Excellency The Governor, West Bengal

Raj Bhawan, Kolkata.

Sub: [          Deputation on

1.       Atrocities, torture and attack on Fundamental rights of Hindus in West Bengal.

2.       Anti National Statements by Moulana Noor-ur Rahaman Barkati, Shahi Imam Tipu Sultan Masjid

3.       Wide Spread Poll Violence on 14 – MAY – 2017 at Pujali, Dinhatra & Domkal & Murder of Democracy.]


We want to draw your attention towards the ongoing incessant incidents of torture, atrocities and derailment of Fundamental rights of Hindus, Anti National Statements By Imam Barkati & Poll violence in the state of West Bengal under the present Government headed by Sushree. Mamata Banerjee.

Ever since the present Government of West Bengal headed by Su. Mamata Banerjee has come to power in May 2016 with a clear mandate the incidents of atrocities against Hindus / Sanatanis has increased.


19th September 2016:  A Dalit Hindu boy Rohit Tanti was a victim of a group of Jihadis in Kharagpur. He was bludgeoned to death by a group of 4 Jihadis. This news was suppressed by the Government. Following this incident there was large scale communal riot at Gol Bazar, Kharagpur.

October 2016: The Government of West Bengal, had imposed restriction on immersion of Durga Puja for which Hindus had to approach Honb’le Kolkata High Court.

October 2016: The local administration of Kanglapahari village in Birbhum had not allowed celebration of Durga Puja due to frivolous reasons. This was challenged in the High Court, Kolkata.

Vijaya Dashami -  Muharram: On the cusp of Vijaya Dashami – Muharram there were attacks on Hindus at different places across West Bengal and major Anti Hindu riots broke out at places like Hajinagar (N 24 Parganas) Chandannagar (Hooghly) and Sankrail (Howrah)

Mallarpur Incident: One Hindu, named Sri Indrajit Dutta was battered to death by Jihadis over a hefty demand of donation for Muharram.

December 2016: Massive Anti Hindu riots took place in Dhulagarh and police / administration was a failure to prevent the massive Jihadi Attack on Hindus. Local media was blackened out. Cases were filed against Zee News reporters as part of a premeditated conspiracy by TMC, West Bengal Government and Police administration of the Howrah rural district. False cases against the Hindu victims of the Dhulagarh riots were filed by local administration.

April 2017: Ram Navami – Hanuman Jayanti: At many places Ram Navami & Hanuman Jayanti celebrations were restricted and organizers had to approach court to celebrate Ram Navami and / or Hanuman Jayanti. Suo Moto cases have been registered by police against Hindus for carrying religious symbols, under pressure from ruling Party TMC.

7th April 2017: A Ram Navami Shobha Yatra was attacked with crude bombs & bullets from a Mosque in Khardah – Titagarh area of N – 24 Pargana. Several Hindus received splinter injuries and 2 people have received bullet injuries.

5th April 2017: The TMC made a conscious attempt to politicize the Ram Navami celebrations by forcing some organizers to put Mamata Banerjee’s pictures in Ram Navami banners. A senior Minister of the West Bengal Government Sri Subrata Mukherjee tried to malign the ‘OM’ symbol of Hindus by calling it a variation of the BJP Party Flag.

I Strongly, and very categorically mention that all this is being done in West Bengal at the Behest of the ruling TMC to appease the Muslim community which they want to use as a vote bank. Hindus of West Bengal are a victim of Political aspirations of the TMC and so called Secular Political Parties.

Anti National Statements of Imam Barkati:

The said Imam Barkati of Tipu Sultan Mosque was interviewed on Tuesday (9th May-2017) by electronic media and which got telecast yesterday and the news articles got published today in the various leading newspapers. In his interview;

1.       He has threatened to demolish the Honorable High Court of Calcutta, the highest temple of justice of the state.

2.       He has refused to obey the Indian Constitution.

3.       He has refused to obey the laws framed by the Central Government of Union of India.

4.       He has also emphasized that he will continue to use the red-beacon in his car which as per latest regulations have been made applicable only to a specific few constitutional positions, which according to him stands null and void as the permission for its usage to him was given by the erstwhile “British Government". The approximate English translation of some of his publicly provoking speeches made in Hindi could be as follows:


1.    He has threatened to start a Jihad (Islamic Religious fight) with support from 25 Crores of Indian Muslims along with support of Pakistan. He has publicly claimed that he is a part of a Jihad which is being continued from last 100 years and their jihad has not come to an end yet.

2.    He has threated that once they start Jihad openly in the country, they  will finish everybody and destroy the Nation citing an example of the destruction in Afghanistan caused by Jihad, including the honorable Prime Minister of India (Sri Narendra Damodar Das Modi)

3.    Repeatedly in his speeches he made clear that the Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal has given him the permission to use the Red Beacon in his car.

4.    Imam Barkati challenged the Honorable High Court of Calcutta as well stating that the High Court should be demolish and destroyed.

5.    He emphasized on not to stop in using the Red Beacon on his car and that it was an incorrect law in the India and that he would not follow the wrong law?

6.    Imam Barkati has used extreme slang abusive, un-parliamentary languages against the Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal stating that the Chief Minister has tasted everything in her youth. Such statements are extremely derogatory towards the dignity, self-respect and integrity of a woman and towards the chair of the elected head of a state.

7.    He emphasized that the British government has permitted him to use the Red Beacon so why should he remove it. This is an attack on the Sovereignty of India that is Bharat. 

8.    Imam Barkati has threatened to outcast and thrash Muslims who join/support BJP and / or RSS.

9.    He used derogatory words against the BJP/RSS and has said that any BJP/RSS Supporters/Leaders/Activists who come to West Bengal from other states will be manhandled and beaten up by his supporters.

10. The said Imam, Barkati, claimed that in the event of, Indian Legislature or Courts of Law trying to implement Uniform Civil Code (with reference to Triple Talaq) then about 25 Crore people belonging to the muslim community will engage in Jihad demand Pakistan and / or support Pakistan to annihilate and disintegrate everything in India that is Bharat. This is an attempt to wage a war against the nation and a condemnable act of sedition. This act of the Imam is detrimental to the national security of our nation and is a direct instigation to encourage certain Anti National elements / Enemies of our Nation to attack or create internal disturbances within the boundaries of India.

11. The Imam, Moulana Barkati had also used derogatory words about our Honorable Prime Minister Sri, Narendra Modi and declared a Cash reward for one who can shave the beard and head of Sri Narendra Modi.

12. The said Imam, Barkati had also declared to stone BJP West Bengal President and Kharagpur MLA Sri Dilip Ghosh and other BJP members to death according to Shariat Law. This is a violation and Denial of Constitional rights of people in West Bengal.


Poll Violence:

On the 14th of MAY, 2017 Booth No – 19, Ward No – 9 under Pujali Municipality, situated in South 24 Parganas of the State of West Bengal was attacked by Goons of the Ruling TMC with Bombs and several rounds were fired in the air terrorize common people and security personnel as well. An EVM machine was destroyed and stolen. As a result the Local Body, election process came to a halt and was re-schedued for 16th MAY, 2017. On the night of 15th MAY, 2017 Goons belonging to TMC confiscated theVoter Identity Cards of common people to dissuade them from voting on 16th MAY, 2017. The BJP candidate Smt. Rumpa Ghorui and her supporters were threatened to be killed by smashing like ANTS / INSECTS by TMC Goons.


Today police is filing Suo- Moto cases against Hindus who participated in Ram Navmi Processions. Tomorrow police will file suo moto cases against Hindus who celebrate Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi and so on. Already a 25% Muslim population in Kanglapahari village in Birbhum was not allowing the peaceful Hindus to celebrate Durga Puja for last 3 – 4 years when the issue was first taken up Hindu rights activists, social media and some Nationalist brothers of Legal fraternity who helped the Hindu villagers of Kanglapahari to approach the court.
Muslims of Tehatta village in Howrah did not allow Saraswati Puja to be celebrated in February 2017. Small school children were beaten up mercilessly by the police under directions from the state Government to appease the Muslim community.
Has Police of West Bengal state become Jihadi or is in Connivance with the Jihadis?
2 illegal arms factories were discovered in Maheshtala what action has WB Government taken?
People involved in Bomb Blasts, Jihadi activities, smuggling are mostly Muslims so Hindus are feeling insecure. Hindus have enough reason to feel insecure.
Can the West Bengal Government publish a Whitepaper on the percentage of all crimes committed by Hindus and Muslims? What Percentage of Criminals are Muslims and What percentage of Criminals are Hindus or others?
What concrete steps the Government of West Bengal taken to prevent infiltration from Bangladesh? How could a Bangladeshi National Qasim come to Sonarpur and commit robbery and Murder?
Why maximum Fake Currency enters Bharat through West Bengal?
Why Anti National slogans are regularly raised in Jadavpur University and what has the WB Government done about it? Does the present West Bengal Government covertly support Anti Nationalism and a secession form Bharat?
Why did the police not file a Suo -Moto Cases against Srijato Banerjee? He had denigrated Hindu beliefs, symbols and Gods. A case was also filed against Srijato Banerjee, what action has the WB Government taken against him? Has Srijato been arrested? No, he was given security guards instead as a reward for hurting the sentiments of Hindus.
Looking at the regular issuance of unconstitutional threats by the Imam an influential person, against the Union of India, General Public & Constitiution Of India we want to know what steps the democratically elected Government of West Bengal solemnized under oath to Govern under your supervision, to address these issues.
The Election commission of West Bengal has been a failure in holding free and fair elections in the state where the electorate is being threatened by Goons hired by the ruling government to terrorize people. What steps has the Election Commission taken to address the issue. There seems to be a complete collapse of constitutional machinery in the state of West Bengal where Voter identity cards of bonafide voters are consficated by Goons of ruling party on the night / evening prior to the day of elections at several places.
This Government seems to be hand in glove with Anti National forces, Jihadis and Anti Hindus to drive away the Hindus from West Bengal and gift the land away to Anti Bharat forces as a part of an international conspiracy against Bharat. This Government is acting against the interest of the Nation – Bharat. Fundamental and constitutional right of the Hindus cannot be safeguarded by this Government. This Government must be dismissed immediately, otherwise Hindus will not be responsible for any untoward incident that might happen in the future.


Yours sincerely,

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