Call to Queensland government: compensate domestic violence victim immediately

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A Queensland woman, whose identity has been suppressed, has been in hiding since a senior constable in the police service, Neil Punchard, deliberately leaked her address details to her violent former partner.

She is now seeking compensation from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal, where she is representing herself. Constable Punchard remains in his job.

The Queensland government is fighting the case with its own lawyers, despite the facts of the case not being in dispute, and that Punchard has refused to answer questions before the tribunal, exercising his legal right not to incriminate himself.

Very simply, a government led by a female Premier, Deputy Premier and Attorney-General should not further victimise an already traumatised woman in this way.

This petition calls upon the Queensland government to fully compensate the woman at the centre of this case, at the capped rate of $100,000, for this dreadful and deliberate breach of her and her children's safety, and for the pain and suffering that she has endured.

Additionally, it calls on the Queensland government to immediate sack and press charges against Constable Punchard.

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