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Put Townsville's child sex offender back behind bars!

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In the Brisbane Times it was noted that a child sex offender Anton Greg Williams was released back into the community and is residing in  a Old Aged and Disability facility which is where children go to visit loved ones on a regular basis.

  • Also the facility is only a 6 Minute walk to a school.
  • It is also stated that he is a alcoholic which a pub is a 5 minute walk away and cinemas close by as well.  
  • It is stated that he will have 60 hours a week of support where is the other 108 hours.
  • Will he be 100% supervised and not be able to sneak out of the facitily?  
  • It is stated that he has a high chance of re-offending which means that's a high chance of another victim child. 

 It also stated in the paper that the offender shows blame to the victims, which there fore in my opinion shows no remorse for his actions.

No photo was issued of this repeat child sex offender which I and the community of Townsville feels needs to be shown for the safety of our children. Why is he being protected?

 We the community of Townsville do not wish this repeat sex offender or any other sex offender  to be in our community and are asking for a retraction so Anton Greg Williams  goes back to prison with no release date.

As stated in the Brisbane Times

"In July, the Attorney-General applied for Mr Williams to be detained indefinitely and Mr Williams was held in custody after his scheduled release date of December 11 while the search for suitable accommodation was ongoing." 

Why was the detained indefinitely not granted?   These laws need to change so that REPEAT CHILD SEX OFFENDERS are not to be ever released back into the community. 

As a mother of a child who has been a victim of sex crime  this saddens me to think the laws are set up to hurt other innocent children. Parents of Victims know only to well what it does to their child. Night mares, anxiety, PTSD, anger, fear, trouble at school, lashing out and it doesn't just effect the here and now it carries with them for the rest of their life like a prisoner in there own body and mind. Why should CHILD SEX OFFENDERS have freedom when their victims DO NOT. . 

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