I want Annastacia Palaszczuk To step down as Premier and put lives before money.

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On 31st January 2017 I lost my sister in law and 4 kids lost their mother to Domestic violence. Teresa Bradfords husband tried to kill her in November and was released on bail in January. No ankle bracelet fitted and no monitoring. Teresa was not even notified of the release. she and her kids lived in fear. This was where David Bradford plotted her murder. On the 31st January he broke into Teresas house where he killed her and killed himself with his 4 kids to wake to no parents and a nightmare. 

We as a family asked that ankle Bracelets be implemented to protect other victims I strongly believe that if David was fitted with one this would have alerted Teresa and gave her time to escape to safety. David was not well and was a full blown Narcissistic and great at fooling people to believe he was fine and a charmer. when in fact he was not. 

The government assured us these would be implemented to protect future victims only today to wake and find that QLD have decided not to fund it and wants further studies. This is a kick in the guts to our family and also other victims out there. It seems that Annastacia only cares about money and not peoples lives. We have a huge epidemic of lives being lost due to Domestic Violence and its only on the rise in Qld. We also have Qld government letting murderers out that have committed domestic violence. for Example Bree Robinsons killer was released on bail and fitted with a gps 5 days later. when in reality his victim was already taken so that ankle bracelet wasn't going to save his victim. he deserves to be locked up. what is a life worth. 

Qld is continuing to let Domestic Violence be ok by not funding ankle bracelets and by letting murderers out on bail is saying DV is ok and we will continue to have a rise in DV if that is the very message Annastacia keeps sending.

So I am starting this petition to ask Annastacia to step down enough is enough. money is not worth more then peoples lives start to listen to victims and victims families and get someone in who is willing to put lives first. and take domestic violence a priority.