QLD Attorney-General: Take the Baden-Clay Case to the High Court of Australia

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Show Respect to Allison Baden-Clay by utilising every avenue of our legal system to seek justice. Take this case to the High Court of Australia.

  • First he cheated on her. He didn't divorce his wife, he killed her.
  • Then he tried to claim her life insurance. He was bad at business, so he killed her.
  • Then he lied to their children, the police, the courts & the country. He said she went for a walk, but he killed her.
  • Now he may soon be a free man.

The recent decision by the Court of Appeal to downgrade his murder conviction to manslaughter was the final insult to Allison Baden-Clay. It trampled on her grave.

We, as Australians, owe this to Allison to take this case to the High Court. Yes, many report that reimposing a murder conviction in the High Court has only a slim chance of success, but making full use of Australia's legal system is the least we can do for Allison.

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Let the QLD Attorney-General know that Australia, its taxpayers & the community is behind the decision to take the case to the High Court and follow it through to its conclusion. 

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UPDATE: I have spoken to the QLD Attorney-General's Ministerial Office and they tell me that the decision to appeal must be made within 28-days of the previous ruling. The ruling of the Court of Appeal was made on the 8th December which makes the cut-off date the 5th January 2016. To allow time for as many signatures as possible while also not leaving the petition open too long beyond the point of the Attorney-General's decision, this petition will close 7-days prior to the 5th January (the 29th December) and the petition will be passed on to Yvette D'Ath, Cameron Dick & Annastacia Palaszczuk.

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