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Save our Bulacan coastal barangays

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03 August, 2017

To the Honorable Daniel Fernando
Vice Governor-Province of Bulacan
Office of the Vice Governor
Malolos City, Bulacan, Philippines

Dear Vice Governor Fernando,

I am writing in behalf of the people of Masukol, Paombong, Bulacan who I, believe are in state of panic these past few weeks. As our good Vice Governor, we know for a fact that you are well aware of the flooding situation of our province and in connection to this, let me elucidate to you our deep concern with the current situation of our barangay. This may more likely be the condition of other coastal barangays of Bulacan as well.

Last July 24, 2017, we experienced the highest water level to date and it reached to a serious height that if coincided with typhoons, poses big threat to us possibly causing many civilian lives. Our barangay is bounded and was essentially protected from waves by fishponds at the north and east, a river at the west and facing Manila Bay at the south. We are also partly protected by fishponds of Hagonoy. Today, these fishponds are near to non-existing. Most of these succumbed to erosion and many have gone under seawater. Please take note, from my understanding, that some of these fishponds are owned by the municipal government of Paombong and is expected to be taken care of the latter but remain abandoned for years. Several additions to the height of dikes have been made but still no match to the rising level of sea water. As result, all the barriers and breakwaters protecting our barangay have deteriorated and to no effect. During high tides, along with monsoon winds, waves coming from the sea is directly scourging our houses which is our last defense against water. Imagine the devastation this could bring once coincided with a typhoon. If this issue is being currently taken care of by the provincial government, may we respectfully ask for updates from your office? This to somehow relieve from anxiousness and depression of our people over their current condition.

We are informed of the massive reclamation project proposal of the government which is presented through the DPWH website It shows a map showing our barangay will be affected by the reclamation works. Construction is expected to mobilize in few months. We need to know if this will be our governments answer to our problems. If so, can you guarantee that we will retain ownership over our communities and not to be displaced. If this will not be the case, what are your plans? As lifetime residents of our barangay, we have every right to know beforehand.

I believe coastal and island barangays of Bulacan will be the most susceptible under this worsening climatic condition so we are humbly making an appeal to your office to look in to this matter. An ocular inspection of the site from your office will greatly be appreciated. I, together with most from my community will be willing to be of service to endeavor that you will organize for the resolve over these environmental perils we are facing. My numbers and email is at the bottom of this letter.

We understand that there are a lot on your table as our Vice Governor but we are hoping to receive positive response from you.

Sincerely yours,

Architect Rodolfo G. Perez III
Mobile: 0922.777.8568


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