FREEDOM of CHOICE for YOUR Property Settlement Method - Not be FORCED to do E-Conveyancing

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The issue CAN IMPACT on ANYONE at ANY property Settlement at ANYTIME.

Every property settlement completed by the Electronic Conveyancing method is vulnerable to being attacked by cyber criminals and your money stolen during the transaction.

Just like Dani Venn (previous Masterchef contestant) anyone selling or buying a property in Australia can have their money stolen when doing an electronic property settlement.

Read about Dani Venn here:


 Not reported was an elderly man who had nearly $1 million dollars stolen by cyber criminals during an Electronic Property Settlement.

Many more cases that are not reported because the victim is not a high profile media personality.

The Government is forcing all property settlements to be completed by the Electronic Conveyancing method next year

There is ONLY one Electronic Lodgement Network Operator called PEXA.

The PEXA on-line system is vulnerable to having money stolen by cyber criminals during an electronic property settlement.

ACT NOW by signing the Petition to communicate to the NSW Government that :

My CONFIDENCE in the overall security and integrity of the only Electronic Conveyancing System has been DIMINISHED

I want the CHOICE of doing MY Settlement via the Paper Medium

I do not want to be FORCED by the NSW Government to have MY property settlement finalised by the electronic conveyancing method that I do not TRUST to be SECURE.

DEMAND that the Mandate for Electronic Conveyancing be REMOVED

We urgently NEED your HELP!!

SIGN NOW and CIRCULATE the Petition.