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Commit to building another pedestrian crossing at Tapleys Hill Rd & Trimmer Parade intersection

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My son, Chris, has autism. He is 19 years of age and in most other aspects of his life, he is independent.  Like most people with autism, Chris can't cross busy main roads without using a pedestrian crossing.  People with autism have difficulty in sensory processing. Here is a YouTube video made by another young man with autism which shows how difficult it can be to cross a busy road without a pedestrian crossing:

Sensory processing is the process of using sight, hearing and other human senses to gauge distance, speed and direction. Numerous cars travelling at speed in opposite directions presents a significant challenge in sensory processing for someone with autism, as well as a great deal of anxiety.  Colours, noises and things such as exhaust fumes can become focussed on instead of coordinating the necessary motor skills to cross the road safely.  Many people with autism eventually make a hasty dash across the road hoping they won't get hit by a car. Very often they do get hit and suffer significant injuries.

Chris works most days of the week at Phoenix on Ashwin Parade at Torrensville. He catches bus 288 at stop 28B on the eastern side of Tapleys Hill Road, Seaton, in the mornings. However he can't catch a bus home in the afternoons because there is no pedestrian crossing across Tapleys Hill Road near the bus stop where he gets off. Instead I have to drive all the way to Torrensville to pick him up.

It's difficult to believe that at a busy intersection like Tapleys Hill Road and Trimmer Parade there are only two pedestrian crossings, and they are both on the other side of the intersection where Chris would get off at bus stop 29.

I've had numerous dicussions with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure about having another pedestrian crossing built at the Tapleys Hill Road-Trimmer Parade intersection. The Department eventually developed a proposal to build a pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the intersection.

However the Minister for Road Safety, Hon Tony Piccolo (who also happens to be the Minister for Disabilities) has decided that the project will not be funded this financial year and that we must wait for consideration of funding in the 2015-16 financial year, another 12 months away. It seems that Chris's safety and the safety of other members of the public in trying to cross Tapleys Hill Road doesn't rate as a high priority when it comes to deciding whether to fund a pedestrian crossing, which must be an awfully strange situation to be in if you're the Minister for Road Safety.

Chris just wants to be able to get to and from work on his own, as an independent adult.  It's not very dignifying having your Mum pick you up from work all the time.  What we are asking for is not a disability modification that might cost many tens of thousands of dollars more to build. All Chris needs is an everyday piece of infrastructure. Surely there are other people who catch bus 288 who could also use a pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the intersection.

Please help us by signing this petititon for us to present to the Minister for Road Safety, Hon Tony Piccolo MP.


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Anna Arcangeli

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