Hon Tony Abbott MP, Federal Leader of the Opposition: Please confirm funding under Round 5 Phase 1 of the Trade Training Centres program.

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On Sunday afternoon 25th August 2013, following the Liberal Party election campaign launch by Hon Tony Abbott MP in Brisbane, a joint media statement was released by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Shadow Minister for Education, Apprenticeships and Training and Hon Sussan Ley Shadow Minister for Employment Participation on the Trade Training Centres in Schools program. It stated in part:

"The delays to this national programme have been extensive and schools have been left waiting a very long time to secure this funding.

 The Coalition will not cancel any funding to schools that has been approved under the latest funding round. We're giving all schools funding certainty."

This commitment closely aligns with the wording of the petition started the previous week and many dozens of emails had been pinging the inboxes of the six Coalition leaders from the webserver since last Thursday telling them the signatures were mounting (150 at last count).

Despite many specific requests to the Coalition to provide reassurance on TTC funding over recent months from schools, education authorities and journalists, it had not been forthcoming until now. All 225 schools across Australia that have received recent TTC grant notifications from the Labor Government under Round 5 Phase 1, can now take comfort that a bipartisan approach to the funding has been authoritatively confirmed by Christopher Pyne on behalf of the Coalition. That's a great result for vocational education and training in hundreds of communities.

Well done to all involved and thanks for the support. In the end, it did not require more than just a few schools to start the ball rolling and a successful outcome was quickly reached. Perhaps our politicians are more responsive than we give them credit for, though having an election less than 2 weeks away no doubt helped :-)

You can read the full media release by Christopher Pyne at the following link

And in the spirit of bipartisanship, here is the Labor Party link with their original announcement of the Round 5 Phase 1 TTC grants


Some 225 schools across Australia have waited since 2011 to access funding for much-needed infrastructure in vocational education and training. Those schools have applied in good faith for promised Federal Government funding in Round 5 of the Trade Training Centres in Schools program, after the program was suspended in the May 2012 Budget and re-opened in November 2012 with a closing date in March 2013.

Most of those schools will have spent scarce resources in architect and consultant fees, Council DA charges and staff time for preparing TTC applications during that 18 month period. They will have engaged in extensive industry and business liaison as a condition of the application. Many will have negotiated partnership arrangements with other schools or TAFE Institutes and Registered Training Organisations. Invariably students and families of the schools will have been alerted to the benefits of the proposed projects and the recent grant successes will have been communicated to them and their local communities.

Typically TTCs enable students to undertake industry accredited Cert II level qualifications while still at secondary school, usually equivalent to one third to one half of an apprenticeship. This sets them up well to complete a full Cert III/IV apprenticeship post-secondary school.

On 2nd August 2013, Mr Abbott on behalf of the Coalition declared a "unity ticket" on schools education with a pledge to match the Labor Party's funding promises over the next term of government to ensure that no school would be worse off under a Coalition Government. The undertakings in the media release issued by Mr Abbott included the following commitment:

"This will provide schools and parents with the funding certainty they deserve. It means that the Coalition will match Labor dollar-for-dollar over the next four years."

Schools recently notified of grants under Round 5 Phase One are seeking that certainty as they will be definitely worse off under a Coalition Government if this TTC funding is not forthcoming.

Unfortunately, clear confirmation of that funding certainty from the Coalition and its candidates in relation to Round 5 Phase 1 of the Trade Training Centres in Schools program has not been forthcoming to date despite specific requests.

This petition seeks a public reassurance on this Round 5 Phase 1 TTC funding from Mr Tony Abbott on behalf of the Coalition by 3rd September so the tens of thousands of students, their families, school staff and industry partners  of the 225 affected schools can make informed choices prior to the election on 7 September 2013.

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