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Hon. Tom Koutsantonis MP (Minister for Mineral Resources & Energy) & Martin Hamilton-Smith (Shadow Minister): Stop the proposed Rex Minerals Hillside Mine on the Yorke Peninsula

This is proposed to be one of Australias largest open cut mines (the entire Olympic Dam mine would fit within it!).  Not only is it going to be right on the coast of South Australias pristine St Vincents Gulf, but it is also going to be located within 5km of four popular local holiday resorts (including the idyllic Black Point).  Having grown up with family holidays at Black Point all my life, I am devastated to think that this could be ruined for future generations, all for the gain of a greedy few.  There has been virtually no media coverage of this in South Australia, however I know that many South Australians love holidaying on the Yorke Peninsula & would hate to see it ruined by mining, so I am trying to generate awareness amongst South Australians that this is something we need to stop in order to protect the local environment & community.  By signing this petition & getting your friends & family to do the same we can let our government know that we do not want this sort of destructive mining in one of our States favourite tourist destinations.  There is much more information on or like the page to keep up to date with what's happening.   

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  • Minister for Mineral Resources & Energy
    Hon. Tom Koutsantonis MP
  • Shadow Minister for Mineral Resources & Energy
    Martin Hamilton-Smith MP

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