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Since July 2018 when Cr Cherie Dalley was appointed as the acting Councillor for Division 6 as a consequence of the elected Concillor being stood aside pending criminal charges, ratepayers in Division 6 have been consistently subjected to little or no representation.

Town planning decisions have been made in conflict with the interests of the community, questions about budgetary spending and planning have been dismissed, she has refused to attend all but one community meeting and she refuses to be transparent around her decision making processes.  Furthermore, she has publicly admitted that she is unable to adequately carry out the the three roles she is charged with (Acting Mayor, Division 8 Councillor and Acting Division 6 Councillor).

All ratepayers in Queensland, irrespective of which Local Government they sit under are entitled to good governance.  A Councillor's obligations under the Local Government Act Qld 2009 are outlined as followed:

- Transparent and effective processes, and decision making in the public interest.
Sustainable development and management of assets and infrastructure, and delivery of services.
- Democratic representation, and social inclusion and meaningful community engagement.
- Good governance of, and by, local government.
- Ethical and legal behaviour of councillors and local government employees.

Cherie Dalley is NOT adhering to her obligations under the Local Government Act (Qld) and the community is calling on the State to step in and appoint an administrator to the position of Division 6 Councillor until the next Local Government Election in March 2020.

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