Protect Freedom of Speech - Stop Censorship (Canada)

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On April 15, 2020, the Canadian federal government announced its intent to put legislation in place in order to censor Canadians.  On May 11, 2020, the Canadian Heritage Minister announced the government was going ahead with an ‘emergency fund’, which had as an 'add-on' of $3.5 million that was to be used to “combat false and misleading COVID-19 information” - essentially censorship. No legislation was passed, no discussion was had, no debate took place in the House of Commons – essentially no government accountability.  This is a severe over-reach of government authority, and represents just the beginning of the Canadian government's intention to limit Canadians' free speech.  Why are we allowing the Government to determine what is 'false' or 'inaccurate' information?  Why are we not allowed to exercise our self-responsibility and choice to read what we choose, and to agree or disagree in a respectful and compassionate manner?  When did we become afraid of robust discussion, and evaluating multiple points of view?  Sharing and discussion is how each of us grows and expands in our learning, creativity and innovation, and ultimately these discussions and expansion result in greater unity and productivity for Canadians.  Free speech *must* be defended, it is a part of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and it is a part of the fabric of a free society.  We must not allow the fears currently being propagated regarding the current contagion as a justifiable reason to waive one of our most fundamental rights we have fought for decades, if not centuries, to have.  We must stop censorship in Canada.  This petition is to send a strong message to the Canadian government led by Prime Minister Trudeau.  In this instance, this letter is directed to the Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault.  Please sign and share, and if you choose, please contact the Minister directly with your concerns.