Affordable Housing In Peterborough

Affordable Housing In Peterborough

September 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Manon Gagnon

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing states on their website:

"We are working with local governments and partners across Ontario to build safe and strong urban and rural communities with dynamic local economies, a high quality of life and affordable and suitable homes for everyone."

WE the undersigned are worried about our future. We worry about finding adequate housing. We are from all income levels and all walks of life and we are worthy of finding a solution to this problem.

In 2019, a new housing market study suggests only one-third of renters in Peterborough would be able to afford a recently converted one-bedroom apartment.

Released in May 2019, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation study “Peterborough Rental Market: Growth through Conversions”  determined that a renter needed a household income of at least $44,100 before taxes in 2018 to rent a converted one-bedroom apartment. However, 65 per cent of city renters make less than $44,000.

The report says 56 per cent of privately-owned conversions have rents that are 9.5 per cent higher than newly constructed purpose-built rental apartments.

Rebecca Morgan Quin, the city’s manager of housing, says the city is working with landlords to help them better understand the needs of vulnerable tenants and how best to support them.

However, We the undersigned do not see a solution. Rental prices continue to skyrocket to a whopping $1400 for a 1 bedroom, some at $1800 for a two bedroom and over $2250 for a 3 bedroom.

Mayor Diane Therrien said on Feb 13, 2020 "we (need to) figure out how to alleviate the housing crisis, the transportation crisis, and a lot of these things that we’re dealing with.” 

We the undersigned demand that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing uphold their promise to the people of Peterborough who are going through a significant  housing crisis.

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Signatures: 91Next Goal: 100
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