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Hon. Stephen Harper, ask Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz to Resign

Gerry Ritz has put Canadian's health at risk. Stephen Harper needs to ask him to Resign!

His track record in the area of food safety has been abysmal, dating back to the Maple Leaf Listeriosis outbreak of August 2008, when he made light of a serious situation, joking about "death by a thousand... cold-cuts". The Canadian Food Inspection Agency then promised that companies must henceforth test, analyze and report results showing contamination. That promise appears to have been forgotten as, once again, a critical situation has reared its head in Alberta, where numerous people recently become ill as a result of eating E-coli-tainted beef. The CFIA has been criticized for responding too slowly to this crisis.

Please Read: Food inspectors union calls government claim of 700 hires ‘totally misleading, by Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press on Wednesday, October 3, 2012:


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