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Save Palladium Grand & free India from Builder Raj

Dear Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra,

We the residents of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune are denied of our rights by the builder(s) for past several years (7 years to be precise). Builder(s) are harrasing us without giving us our dues, amenities and services. Whenever, we demanded our rights, builder(s) are threteaning us, and uses all the practices of goonda raj.

We have made several requests to the authorities at the Pune Municipal Corporation and also the Dy. Register (Housing Societies). However, there hasn't been any response whats so ever from these officers. There is a clear nexus between public functionaries, builders and politicians. Time has come to make India free from home grown builder raj.

Therefore, we the residents have made an emotional appeal to Hon. Prime Minister's office and to other public functionaries. Our video as an open appeal to the Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi was released on 16 January 2015. This appeal list several of the issues faced by us, which includes (a) lack of potable water supply, (b) obstacles by the builder(s) in forming a coop housing society, (c) faulty infrastructure, (d) lack of basic ameneties, (e) lack of recreational facilities as promised, (f) high-handedness and goonda raj practices by the builders, (g) lack of attention and an attitude of ignorance by the public authorities, etc.

We request you to:

1. Instruct government officers to take appropriate steps we the residents of the Palladium Grand get back our rights, and restore our dignity. These officers includes relevant officers of the Government of Maharashtra, and Pune Municipal Corporation, etc.

2. Institute enquiry into irregularities by the builder(s)/promotor(s) of the Palladium Grand, Dhanori, Pune.

3. Take apporpriate steps to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework to make India free from the "Builder Raj" and their undue harrasment practices adopted by the builders and to put an end to the attitude of ignorance by the government officials.

4. Institute an enquiry into builder(s) and government functionaries nexues as to why norms, rules and regulations are baltently violated?


We hope you will be able to provide due attention and instruct the officers of relevant departments accordingly.

With regards,
Residents of the Palladium Grand

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    Devendra Fadnavis

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