Love Pride Dignity Campaign to Double Carer payment for unpaid family carers.

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Please double the Carer payment for unpaid family carers of working age from $404 each week to $808 per week. In so doing enabling us to keep caring for whom we care about with love pride and dignity.
The love pride dignity campaign strives to sustain natural relationships in the care of people with disability, people with mental illness, people with chronic health needs, and people who are aging. Love pride and dignity campaign argues for a living wage making care in families by families affordable!
Doubling the Carer payment for full time family carers will allow the carer to care for their loved one without the financial pressure currently felt by most. There are a lot of expenses that are completely related to the disabilities that are not covered which sadly end up coming out of carers payments or not being able to be achieved.
The major stress on top of health behavior communication and mobility needs for unpaid family carers is financial stress. The stress may be resolved by doubling the Carer payment and would also enable unpaid carers to attend to some of their own needs as well.