Do you know Yamuna River does NOT flow in Braj Vrindavan any more?

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The MOST shocking river scam ever!!!

The issue is that Yamuna River problem has always been presented absolutely "WRONG". It is always said that Yamuna river has "pollution" problem. This is TOTALLY wrong. Yamuna river does NOT have pollution problem. Its problem is that it does NOT have water on its bed after Hathni Kund Barrage in Haryana. Haryana blocks 97% of the water at the barrage and release only 3% of it and that evaporates after a couple of kilometers. Then there is 145 KM DRY bed of Yamuna river with absolutely NO Yamuna water in it. That 145 KM stretch has been captured by sand mafia who illegally mine the Yamuna bed sand and sell it in open market. Then Delhi's drains are thrown on Yamuna bed, which flow to Braj Vrindavan. The "drain" is what people think is polluted Yamuna. It is NOT even Yamuna. This root cause is always kept hidden on purpose to fool people. It is now time to talk truth.

Maan Mandir
5 years ago