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The aim of this petition is to raise awareness of the untapped resource available: the survivor.  The need to highlight the truth of family violence and not the misconceptions created through ignorance or one-sided opinions. In addition, the need for the creation of secure platforms in which survivors of all forms of violence, not only family violence, can be given the chance if required to be heard and for some to continue healing by helping others in their journeys. Perhaps for some, eliminating the need for them to continue to be subjected to the violence, empowering them to escape and move forward.

As an inter-generational survivor of family violence for over four decades, I have for the past decade sought to rally support from organisations, private individuals, and politicians to be heard in my capacity of survivor and valuable resource.  No one has been willing to listen and act on my requests to date. This petition is my solution to expand the issue further into the public forum.

The Australian people need to be educated in the issue of family violence and made aware, most importantly that all genders are at risk and secondly, it knows no socio-economic bounds. Too often the issue has become one in which the male is the primary perpetrator.    If we are to combat the problem then all misinformation needs to be removed and only the facts, the survivors and in some instances the perpetrators themselves be left to speak.

We ask the government to consider implementing a policy whereby survivors of domestic violence, child abuse and other relevant traumatic events be given a voice. A chance to heal and give hope to anyone in the situation that there is a way out. 

We are also consumers of the services the government provides in the form of counselling, refuges, mental health service.

Survivors are an untapped commodity and should not be underestimated for their value, insights and innovations which inevitably, would assist the process of delivering more cost-effective services with redundant practises being removed.        

Ultimately, survivors from all backgrounds, genders, race, religion and socio-economic situations are an untapped and underestimated source of insight.

We need to create situations for Indigenous individuals to be interviewed and their stories told by fellow Indigenous people. Similar for other sensitive groups of individuals, providing a safe and harmonious exchange for gathering of the information.

We need to create a database of survivors who can be contacted, either to speak to educate or to take part in studies, providing stories to established clearing houses for future reference and consultation.  The larger the pool of information from which to investigate increases the chances of seeing the whole situation and approaching solutions with a holistic view.

Funding can also be delivered in a simplified manner if our shared collective voices are utilised to enable services to pinpoint specific areas required to better serve the consumer. Most survivors require little or no remuneration for their insight.  A two-way encounter and both parties benefit, especially the survivor for healing and validation processes. 

Family Court Services are currently under the spotlight by known advocates. The addition of other users of the system would increase the effectiveness of the process in identifying the problems more readily. In addition, providing a broader range of experiences in the system is required. Sharing their experiences and insights to a master plan of reform, will supplement the service they provide. 

Public figures are to be commended for all there efforts in bringing the issue to the public’s mind, however, there is more power and knowledge as a collective than as a single voice. 

In closing I wish to thank all signatories for adding their interest in bringing about major social changes to the issue of violence. The widespread effects of such changes to the societal views will bring about changes, but most importantly give some survivors validation and healing in the knowledge their experiences were not alone, but part of the non-discriminatory issue of violence in society.



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