Save Kerala: Save the life of 4-10 Mio. Keralaists, Hon.P.M.N.Modi !

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The water level of the Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala has reached a maximum height of 142 feet in the past few weeks. It is necessary to take action to avoid the disaster of a collapse of the dam. Your reaction could save 4 to 10 million of lives of Keralaists of six districts. If the breakdown really happens, it would be the biggest disaster after the end of the ice age worldwide.

On the 29.10.1886 a contract with the Maharaja of Travancore for 999 years was signed for water supply in the areas that are now known as Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Neither the princely states nor the Maharajas exist anymore, but still the judges try to use the dam for 999 years, as it was agreed 130 years ago. The government of Kerala cannot resist this behaviour because the contract still exists and although all experts predict the breakdown and the 4 to 10 million deaths caused by it.

Because of the rigid attitude of both sides it is not possible to achieve a solution on state level. Even a solution on national level is difficult but with the help of the nation’s power we could make a claim. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that each and every Keralaist signs this petition. All Indians who think it is their duty to avoid a disaster in one part of their country should sign too. Only on this way we can direct Delhi to solve this problem.

Because noticing the law the contract has to be respected for another 867 years the courts will eventually ignore the lives of so many humans and focus on the contract compliance that is the preservation of the dam – with a risk for 10 million lives.

If we can reach 10 million persons with this petition, the world community will follow up this topic because a disaster regarding about 10 million lives is not only the problem of a single nation, but globally. Therefore, the UNO or the international court (IGH) will pay their attention on it. There have to be measures that were taken by an international expert.

In many parts of Kerala there currently is a flooding already that is expanded because ½ feet of the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam was released a day ago. Imagine the complete dam collapses now: the predicted 10 million of lives could be exceeded widely.

This initiative has started with the non-resident Keralaists worldwide without any organisations, associations or political goals behind it. Everyone who thinks that this is a good aim to achieve can help with signing!